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A2 Pankhurst Yellow

by mancsy

£60.00 / Sold Out

This is an A2 screenprint of my original design. It is smaller than the 1st edition so be mindful if you have seen a larger version. The larger version is no longer available and sold out.

This version is printed as a 2 layer print in yellow and black on white card released for the first time in February 2020.

It was created using multiple images of Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst merged together with her quote I WOULD RATHER
BE A REBEL THAN A SLAVE in a graphic style inspired by Rodchenko. Working alongside Instigate Arts I made this design for the Wonder Woman Festival launch at Manchester Art Gallery 2nd March 2017.

Each screenprint is signed and dated.

If you would like an email notification when this version is available please email me at mancsy@live.co.uk